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Featured Artist for the month of September, Mike Krone! We have a few pieces of Mike's artwork on the website in the Featured Artist section and many more in the shop to choose from. 

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In our combined 51 years of teaching wood sculpture professionally, Adina Huckins and I have seen a need for a seminar that personalizes the learning experience of the student. We understand and sympathize with the frustration of students who are not getting as much instructor time as they need for their individual projects. From the point of view of instructors, we have also experienced some frustration with not having enough time with each of our students.

For some time, we have team taught two classes a year here in Arkansas. These have been successful, but have still been situations where time was too limited by class size, even with both of us teaching. As a result, we have been talking together about the concept of a Master Class that we team teach. Our goal is to be sure that the student has full attention for their project for as much time as they need during the class. To that end, we are offering our first Master Class at Peter Engler Designs in Branson, Missouri, on September 13-15, 2019. Following is a description of how we think a class like this will work.

We have decided to limit our number of students to 8, and have the tuition be a percentage higher, at $500 per student, to be able to keep the number of students smaller. What this means for you is that you will have one of us working with your table at all times.

Over the years we have each taught what we call an “open” format class. Some are unsure what that entails. In short, it means you can carve whatever you want. This ranges from things like facial planes and basic forms to actual sculptural pieces and design concept.*

A few examples might be:

Realistic, caricature, or abstract

Realistic, caricature, or abstract

Scenes that involve animals or humans



I’m sure you all know we carve dolls. That’s also something we will definitely include for those who want to carve them.

A note about design: We would spend time working with you before you even start carving. Perhaps you would like to do a realistic sculpture with action involved, or an abstract sculpture with really beautiful lines- we can help you with that or even design one and work with you on it. Some really want to learn about design but feel there’s not enough time in a simple project focused class. This is your chance to pick our brain and get into an analysis of design and our chance to help you with your ideas.

Many of you may love the idea of a master class, but have no ideas for a project. Contact us. Our father always taught us that unless a piece tells a story it isn’t really art. We will help you tell your story.

Any designs that are especially complex may need more than one class to be completed. The goal of learning art and sculpture is not accomplished by project completion alone. It is a process that all of us are in the middle of on some level. We have always realized that a work of art is not a project that can be measured in days or weeks, and we have endeavored to teach the principle that there is more reward in measuring success through enjoyment of the artistic learning experience, not the time spent on a project.

We hope ones who have already carved with us as well as those who have been with us for many years can take part in this new class concept with us. Let us know if you’re interested!

*a few exceptions are: political, religious, or holiday themed projects. Hopefully what you learn with us would enable you to design those things on your own time.

Janet Cordell






I’ll be teaching a woodcarving class at Peter Engler Design Studio in Branson, Missouri, and you’re invited to attend. The class will be held in the classroom upstairs, over the woodcarving gallery and shop. Cost for the five day class will be $350 plus cost of blank.

SUBJECT: Your choice. Use one of my designs or roughouts, or work on an idea of your own that you’ve been thinking about. Most people come to my classes to learn anatomy of humans or a specific animal, and how to design and execute their own work for maximum effect. My roughouts are designed mainly for teaching specific lessons and levels, and all are aimed at enhancing the student learning curve. I will need to know in advance what you’ll be carving.

Janet Cordell

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Beginner to Advanced

Roger will be teaching several carving classes for in 2019 and now Roger has several roughouts to choose from for his class. The dates for the 2 Day classes are November 8 & 9, 2019.  The cost is $130 plus cost of roughout, starting at $10. Bring your favorite tools and safety glove. Class hours are 10 am to 4 pm.







Quick Santa Class by Roger Stegall


Roger will be teaching this 1 Day Class December 7, 2019 or by appointment with a 2 Day Notice. Cost is $65 plus $10 for the roughout. Santa’s list can be personalized with several names. Class hours are 9:30 - 4:30.



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