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Featured Artist for the month of July! Deborah Wilkerson is an amazing jewelry designer. Debbie works at the shop a few days a week and makes outstanding Aluminum Jewelry in her spare time when she isn't doting over her son or husband. She is definitely a "Go Go 'er"! Debbie has a few pieces on the website in the Featured Artist section and many more in the shop to choose from. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! PLAN YOUR VISIT AND GET READY! WE HAVE TRICKED DEBBIE INTO A MEET AND GREET ON JULY 13TH FROM 10-3! SHE WILL BE HERE DEMONSTRATING AND EXPLAINING THE PROCESS OF MAKING HER ALUMINUM JEWELRY. Debbie will also be doing a few custom ordered pieces with the heart of Missouri for you on this day. 

Upcoming Classes for July



Relief Carving Class by Sheilah Nichols

Beginners to Advanced

 Sheila Nichols Class Photo.jpg           

This is a 2 or 3 Day Class, July 18-19, 2019, or by Appointment. Cost is $85 per day plus $22 for blank. You may also add an additional day of painting your carving for $85. Bring your favorite sharpened tools and safety glove. Sheilah uses a v tool, flat gouge, and carving knife. If you need tools or a glove you may purchase them when you arrive. Choose from the Log Cabin scene (best for beginners) or the Covered Bridge (which may take 3 days). Sheilah has worked with John Engler for over 30 years, at Englers Block, and Silver Dollar City during the fall festivals.




Chip Carving by Warren Rauscher

Beginner to Advanced

2 day seminar, July 26-27 on Incised Carving, using various types of free form chip carving. He is also offering as a second choice, Positive Image Chip Carving. Cost for the 2 days is $156 that includes the blanks and patterns you will be using. If you have a chip carving knife, you may bring it, or you may purchase one when you arrive. Warren will also have knives you may borrow for his specialty carving. Warren began carving in 1994 and wanted to explore something different, within the chip carving world. His incised carving style has brought him many awards. He gives a hands on class in creating three dimensional pictures on a flat surface using only a knife. Come join in the fun. Here are examples of the class projects and some of his beautiful work.

Chip Carving Class, Wood Incising / Free-Form.

Option 1: Choose from cat or squirrel .  Eagles (can also be for beginners).  Option 2: Fox    


You may also choose to take this positive image chip carving. If you are just beginning, he will have some easy projects for you.Here are some of the projects.



Here are some samples of Warren’s beautiful work that can be seen in our main gallery:




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