Class Schedule

Class Schedule



                              Come join us at our new Downtown Location

Peter Engler Designs

201 South Commercial

Branson, MO 65616

417-335-6862 or Email:







Portrait Class by Ron AllisonScottish Potrait Front.jpg

Ron will be teaching a Portrait Class by Appointment.

Cost is $130 for a 2 Day Class plus cost of carving wood.Starting at $11 to $34)  If you want more instruction, you can add an additional  day for $65. Ron will show you how to carve and paint a portrait of your favorite family member, human, or animal. Bring your favorite carving tools and safety glove. Ron will furnish the paints and brushes.

Portrait of Bernie Frigon.jpg    Portrait of Rick Duckworth.jpg   Ron Allison's Portrait Carving Class.jpg


 Come by the shop, call, or email for more information.


 Chip Carving Class by Jerry Baker
This class is by Appointment. Jerry will come in on a 1 Day Notice. Beginner and Advanced Classes available. Cost is $65 plus blank (call shop for more details.) Bring your chip carving knife and safety glove, or you may purchase them when you arrive.   


         Jerry_Baker_Carving                                Jerry_Baker_Carving_1

           EYE & FACIAL FEATURE CLASS by Gerald Sears G. Sears Face.jpg

Carving an eye, ear, nose, or mouth, this class will help you  with

Carving parts of the  face and hands.This is a 1 Day Class. Cost is $65,

And includes  Basswood  for instruction. Bring your own sharp

tools,or purchase them at  “Pete’s Place”  when you arrive.There

will  be 7 dates  to choose from, but  these classes will fill up fast,

so don’t wait to register. Dates are: (All Saturdays) October 7,November 4, or December 2, 2017.Class  runs from 10 am to 4 pm.  Bring your lunch, or walk to local restaurants.






Greg Wilkerson's Carving Class.jpg


1 Day Class will be held Every 2nd Monday of each month,

starting July, 2017. Cost is $80 plus blank for carving

Which is $7. Hours are 10 am to 4pm. Bring your lunch or

Walk to restaurants. You can also schedule a beginner class               

To fit your schedule, with a 1 Day Notice. 2 hours….$52

Or 4 hours….$78. Bring your own sharp tools and safety

Glove or purchase them from “Pete’s Place” when you get here.




Spirit Face Class by Greg Wilkerson 


Greg Wilkerson will be teaching a Spirit Face Class by appointment and can come in on a 1 Day Notice. He will show you the basics of carving a face and give you lots of pointers in carving and sharpening your tools. Cost is $98 plus $25 for rough out, for a 4 hour class. Call or email the shop to set up a class with Greg. 





Relief Carving and Painting Class by Ron AllisonRon Allison Eagle for Class  Project.jpg


This is a 1 Day Class which will be offered every Wednesday, starting in September 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm with 1 hour break for lunch. Bring lunch or walk to nearby restaurants.. Cost is $65 and includes basswood board, pattern, graphite paper, paints, and brushes. Bring your own favorite sharpened carving tools, and safety glove. Or you may purchase them from Pete’s Place when you arrive. Beginners welcome, or seasoned carvers can purchase a more complicated version of the eagle rough out from Ron for $20. You may also bring a carving you have and need help with carving or painting, instead of doing the eagle project. Ron will also give a class any day with a 1 day notice.



Santa Ornament Class by Ron Allison

Ron is teaching a Santa Ornament Class for Beginners. Cost is $65 and is by Appointment. He will come in on a 1 Day Notice and is here at the shop every Wednesday if you want to stop by and talk to him. You may bring your own tools or purchase them when you arrive from “Pete’s Place”. Price includes the roughout and paints.








FEATHER PAINTING CLASS by Eddie Simpson         

 This is a 1 and/or 2 Day Class startingEddie Simpson Feather Painting, Horses.2.jpg

Friday, October 20 and Saturday, 21st, 2017.

1 Day Class is $85 and you may start either day. 2 Day Class is $160. Both classes run from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Just bring your imagination and willingness to learn. Acrylic paints, brushes, feather, and reference material will be furnished . You can also bring your own reference material. Beginners welcome.



Jim Miller Photo.jpg

                                   2  SHARPENING CLASSES

Woodcarving Knife Sharpening Class by Jim Miller. This 2 hour class is Saturday morning, October 28, 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon. Cost is $30. Bring your woodcarving knife, sharpening stones or diamond sharpeners and safety glove. Or you may purchase any of these items at “Pete’s Place when you arrive.

V-Tool Sharpening Class by Jim Miller. This 2 hour class is Saturday afternoon, October 28, 2017 from 1pm to 3pm. Cost is $30. Bring your v-tools and sharpening stones or diamond sharpeners and safety glove. Or you may purchase any of these items at “Pete’s Place” when you arrive. Both classes will be held at Pete’s Place, located behind our main store in the new historical downtown location, 201 South Commercial, Branson, MO 65616.



Log Cabin Relief Carving Class by Sheilah Nichols                   Sheila Nichols Class Photo.jpg

This is a 2 Day Class, starting Monday & Tuesday,

October 30th and 31st, 2017. Cost is $80 + blank.

Sheilah worked with John Engler for 28 years, and still

works with him during the fall festival at Silver Dollar City.

Bring your favorite sharpened tools and safety glove.

Sheilah uses a v tool, flat gouge, and carving knife.

If you need tools or a glove you may purchase them

At “Pete’s Place” when you arrive. Beginners welcome. Sheilah

Also has an easy project for beginners who have only a short

time to stay for a 1 Day class, and will come on a 1 Day notice.

Cost is $65 for this class.

Sheilah N and John Engler 2.jpg





Harold Enlow’s Caricature Carving ClassHarold Enlow's Class Project photo only 50%.jpg

Friday, November 3, 2017 Cost is $65 + rough-out (from $8 to $28)

Beginners or Advanced welcome. Bring your own sharp tools and safety glove, or purchase them from “Pete’s Place” when you arrive.

Choose from one of 5 characters...all from the same rough-out. Or you may carve one of Harold’s famous “Bottle Stoppers”.

Hours are 10 am to 4:00 pm. Bring your lunch or walk to restaurants.





Rex Branson BarkCarving Photos.jpg

Wednesday and Thursday, November 8 & 9, 2017. Cost for this 2 Day Class is $195. Price includes bark you will carve on. Bring your own sharp tools and safety glove, or you may purchase them after you arrive, at Pete’s Place. You will need some carving experience for this class. Rex will help you “see”

Your project in the wood, and bring it out into a beautiful carving. Bring your lunch or walk to restaurants close by.







This 1 or 2 Day Class is $65 per Day + cost of roughout, $20. First class is November 9 and 10, 2017, but Joe will also teach this class by Appointment for your convenience.

Learn to carve fur, hair, and full curly beards for your Santa’s and Mountain Men. Joe will show you easily attainable techniques for carving realistic and convincing hair, fur, and beards that will add that “punch” and style to your carvings. Topics covered will include tool selection, layout, improvisation, locks and curls, dimension, movement, and just the right amount of subtle detail. Joe’s wonderfully detailed Santa’s show a European influence. He was recently awarded First Place in the Santa category at the International Carver’s Congress Carving Show in Iowa.

                   Joe Land Class Photo 1.JPG                  Joe Land Class Photo 3.jpg              Joe Land Class Photo 2JPG.jpg                                    


Joe Land Class Photo 4.jpg


CARICATURE CARVING CLASS by Roger Stegall                                Roger Stegall Picture for Class.jpg

Roger will be offering this 2 Day Class  Friday and Saturday, November 17 & 18, 2017. Class starts at 10 am to 4pm. Choose from one of his 4 original caricatures. Cost is $60  plus the price of the rough-out, From $20-$28. Bring your lunch or walk to restaurants. Perfect for beginner or advanced.



                CLASSES SCHEDULED FOR 2018:


Log Carving Class by James Barr

Come join us for this 3 Day Class, February 16, 17, and 18th, 2018.

Cost is $325 , plus $50 for log. Bring your favorite mallet and tools, safety glasses and gloves. For a more extensive list, call or email the shop. Class will be held at Pete’s Place and only 4 slots are available, so don’t miss out on enrolling.James Barr's Class Project.jpg



Dogwood  Relief Carving Class by Kevin Walker                                       KEVIN WALKER Class Photo copy.jpg


This 3 Day Class is Friday- Sunday, April 6, 7, and 8th, 2018. Cost is $195 + $60 for the blank. This is a deep relief class and is not for beginners. Kevin will show you some simple techniques for carving a complex relief carving. For a list of tools you will need, call or email the shop.Kevin is the author of the book Deep Relief Wood Carving” and has taught many seminars on deep relief carving. All day class starts at 10 to 4 pm. Bring your lunch or walk to local restaurants.




Desiree Hajney Class Project copy.jpg


April 20-22, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).Class runs from 9:30 am to 5pm.

Cost for this  3 Day Class is $195 plus $20 for the rough-out. Choose from a bear and cubs, in a sitting or scratching position. Areas covered in class will include anatomy, carving, texturing, woodburning and painting. Bring your own sharp tools and a safety glove, and woodburner with spade if you like. Contact shop for further info on tools and supplies.

Not for beginners. Bring your lunch or walk to local restaurants.






  Parking For Students and Instructors

You can unload in the Unloading Zone in front of “Pete’s Place”. Then you can park all day at the end of Pacific Street in the Free Parking lot, just to the left of the Parking Garage.(About 1 block east of shop). You can also park in the Parking Garage from $6 to $10 per day.Handicapped can make arrangements ahead of time and we will park your car for you, There is also a Free Parking Lot at the Landing on the Belks or Bass Pro sides, where you can park all day and ride the Free Trolley over to our shop, but that takes about 30 minutes.The Trolley runs from 9 am to 6 pm. If you park anywhere else, you will have to move your vehicle every 2 hours (or every 3 hours in new lot behind Pete’s Place), or get ticketed by the city.



Classes are non-refundable, except for emergencies, or if the class is cancelled by the instructor.



It is very difficult to get the classes and students coordinated,so that everyone can be available at the same times. We realize that most of you will have to take off work or make  arrangements ahead of time to be able to attend these classes. And most of the instructors need a certain amount of students to enroll or it’s not worth their time to travel here to teach a class for us, so I want everyone to be aware that it is a possibility that a class could be cancelled. If you have to make hotel, flight, car rental or any other reservations to be able to attend, try to keep this in mind. I usually keep the class enrollment open to up to a week before the actual day of the class, to be able to fill it. You are always welcome to call and check on the status of the class. Thanks, Laura Allison