Neil Nulton - Monarch Butterfly 350/18

Neil Nulton - Monarch Butterfly 350/18

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Handcarved Monarch Butterfly by Neil Nulton 8" tall

A letter from the artist:

My efforts toward the conception of wildlife/nature sculpture has come after working in a variety of art forms. While earning several degrees in art, Bachelor and Masters from Fort Hays in Hays, KS and Master of Fine Arts from Wichita State in Wichita, KS. My curiosity has led me from one discipline to another culminating in sculpture carved from various woods and multi-media for habitat and support systems.

After a twenty-five year career teaching art, my lifetime love of the outdoors has led me to delve deeper into the beauty of nature. I currently live in Kansas with my wife, Jo Ann. My home is in Wichita, but it is only a stones throw to woodlands and prairie where the inspiration for most of my subject matter is found in abundance.

Most of my work is limited to life-size wildfowl and their habitat. Working in this scale gives me the opportunity to focus on extreme detail in an attempt to present the subject matter in such a way that it may be difficult to observe otherwise.

I participate in a number of exhibits and competitive events throughout the Midwest. This gives me the opportunity to interact with other artists. Assessing the work of others inspires me to refine my own creative efforts.

Neil Nulton

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