Walter Wharton - Zebra 438/04

Walter Wharton - Zebra 438/04

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Zebra by Walter Wharton, 13" x 9"

About the artist:

Walter Wharton, Woodcarver, is from Dallas, Texas and a member and past President of the Texas Woodcarvers Guild.  Walter has been carving over 35 years, not counting his whittling as a kid.  Though he carves most anything he has specialized in carving animals and wildlife.  Walter started out carving as a “self-taught” carver but later took classes with many notable carvers including Desree Hajney, whom he counts as his mentor.  Walter is an accomplished carver having received many awards for his work in shows around the country including the International Congress of Woodcarving.  Walter has instructed for many years throughout Texas and nearby states at seminars and for individual clubs and groups.  If you want to get into a long conversation, ask Walter about woodcarving.  He is very interested in furthering the art of woodcarving and will talk with you all day about it.  For him woodcarving is not just a hobby but a labor of love, a calling.

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