NeoCutis Hyalis Hydrating Serum

NeoCutis Hyalis Hydrating Serum

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Neocutis Hyalis Hydrating Serum 1% is formulated with a very high concentration of premium quality Hyaluronic Acid, which acts as a drink of water for the skin. Hyalis 1% Hydrating Serum relieves moderate to severe dryness due to climate or environmental changes, as well as skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. The hydrating action this serum brings will leave the skin feeling supple, plump, and smooth for a visibly healthier complexion.

Hyalis 1% Hydrating Serum also contains anti-aging properties that will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an overall youthful look. Use of the Hyalis 1% Hydrating Serum will leave the skin extremely hydrated, plump, supple, smooth and visibly healthier for an overall brighter, youthful appearance. Serum is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin following cosmetic procedures as the product is non-comedogenic and comes free of color additives and fragrances as it soothes rather than irritates. Product is also ideal for use in conjunction with anti-acne treatments, or any other abrasive skin care regimen that might cause excessive dryness.

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