Sea Salts

Anna Maria Island Harvest

Our Anna Maria Sea Salt comes straight from the shores of Anna Maria Island, Florida. Anna Maria Island is a barrier island on the coast of Manatee County, Florida. It is bounded on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, on the south by Longboat Pass (which separates it from Longboat Key), on the east by Anna Maria Sound, and on the north by Tampa Bay. Anna Maria Island is approximately seven miles long north to south. Anna Maria Island was first settled in the beginning of the twentieth century by Tampa Mayor Madison Post who then named the island for his wife Maria and his sister-in-law Anna.

Longboat Key Harvest

Our Longboat Key Sea Salt comes straight from the shores of Longboat Key, Florida.  Longboat Key is south of Anna Maria Island, between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Longboat Key was originally inhabited by Native Americans. In the late 1800s, Longboat Key was opened up for settlement. The island covers 16 square miles and includes 10 miles of prestigious white samdy beaches where Sea Salt Florida harvests it organic gourmet sea salt.

Lido Key Harvest

Our Lido Key Sea Salt comes straight from the shores of Lido key, Florida. Lido Key is a barrier island off the coast of Sarasota, Florida, and looks over the beautiful city of Sarasota. In 1926, Lido Key opened to automobile traffic, the Lido Beach Casino opened, and John Ringling, Samuel Gumpertz, and Owen Burns built a $30,000 pavilion, dock, and bathhouses. However, by the 1950s, poor management resulted in the deterioration of the casino. Today Lido Key is home to parks and sunny beaches where we collect our sea salt.

Siesta Key Harvest

Our Siesta Key Sea Salt comes straight from the shores of Siesta Key, Florida. In 2011 and again in 2017, Siesta Beach was rated as the #1 beach in the United States by "Dr. Beach", a.k.a. Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, director of Florida International University's highly respected Laboratory for Coastal Research. The beach is comprised of 99% pure quartz sand that stays cool under your feet. The key was originally named "Sarasota Key" by European cartographers during exploration beginning in 1513. The name was changed to "Siesta Key" in the 1920s.

Casey Key Harvest

Casey Key is a barrier island located on the Southwest coast of Florida and just south of Sarasota.  The barrier island sits along the Gulf of Mexico where there are many luxurious beachfront houses owned by Celeberties and others lining the key. The water is blue, the sun is warm, and our Sea Salt has many unique flavors that come from Casey key waters. 

Venice Beach Harvest

Our Venice Beach Sea Salt comes straight from the clear waters of Venice Beach. Often a destination for fossil hunters, Venice Beach is known as the capital of fosilized shark teeth. No, we do not have any Shark Teath in our salt, but the unique flavors of the waters makes this an ideal location for our newest sea salt harvest. 

From Florida Waters

They say that variety is the spice of life and we are all about variety at Sea Salt Florida. From time to time we may visit other Florida Destinations to collect sea salt. Every location has a unique flavor and we want to bring those flavors to you. Want to try something different, then try one from our Florida Waters collection.