Rolls PM50S

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As In-Ear monitoring become more common and popular it is important to remember that not everyone has to be WIRELESS in the process. This is a great little device that gives the user volume control over an incoming monitor signal as well as their own microphone (without effecting how that microphone functions in the PA system). Perfect for musicians in a stationary situation that don't need to be wireless.

The PM50s mixes a stereo or mono line-level Monitor signal with a mic level XLR microphone signal to a set of headphones or earphones. It has a monitor level control, mic level control, mic pass through XLR jacks, two headphone output jacks, and a stereo TRS 1/4" monitor input jack. Possible users may be drummers who need to hear a click track, choir singers who need to hear themselves, etc. The power adapter is included.

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