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X-Laser EZ Variance

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An FDA Variance is required under US law for any person, company or group purchasing or renting high powered lasers (class IIIB or IV) to be used in laser shows within the United States. Only one kit is required per purchaser no matter how many FDA varianced lasers (such as X-Laser) they which to purchase.

X-Laser EZ Variance kits get hard copy approvals from FDA in weeks, not years. It is simply the world’s fastest way to get laser licensing. The full application to get your variance takes about fifteen minutes and is accessible online 24/7/365.

Convenient: Complete the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit online from virtually anywhere.
Reliable: We have countless numbers of approved variances to our credit, so much so that our EZ Variance Kit is considered pre-approved by FDA. No other company in the world has anything like it.
Safety Focused: While the EZ Variance Kit is in fact very easy to complete, it is much more than just completed paperwork. Each application comes with very easy to follow training materials. This helps ensure that each applicant is aware of the best safety practices, and has a base level of knowledge, so that they can use our products safely in most applications before they file.
Legitimate: While other companies claim that they have ‘never had an application rejected’ or ‘variances are up to the buyer’ or ‘they will help you with the paperwork,’ only X-Laser guarantees that your application will be approved and will handle all FDA correspondence to ensure that it is. Our first priority is keeping you safe & legal.
Flexible: While the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit can only be used with X-Laser brand projectors, only one kit is needed per owner or venue and a variety of lasers can be used under a single variance as long as each laser is made by an FDA varianced manufacturer. One application = Endless laser possibilities.

Please note that X-Laser’s EZ Variance Kit will only work for those with a genuine X-Laser Class IIIB or IV high powered laser system. That is not for vanity, it is for our security and yours. Each kit contains subtle security measures which make duplicated and inappropriately filed applications extremely obvious to both us and FDA personnel reviewing the application. If you have any questions, please contact Sound Ideas BEFORE purchasing the kit as they are one-time-use only and are non-refundable.

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