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Protein & Amino Acids

Lean muscle? Our ultra strong protein powder only contains the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve your personal goals. Feel leaner, stronger, fitter.

Weight Gain & Strength

Size and strength? Get big with quality calories from staged proteins and rapidly absorbed carbs.

Vitamins, Minerals & Oils

Essential vitamins, minerals & oils? Supplement your diet to optimise your body’s performance.


Looking for energy? Niyro delivers a range of bestselling products to help support your energy needs including Niyro Energy.

Diet & Fat Loss

Fat loss? Support your diet with weight control products.

Booster & Modulator

Ingredients backed by separate, human clinical trials that are actually shown to boost testosterone, decrease estradiol or reduce cortisol.


Want to feel like one of the team? Take a look at our exclusive range of Niyro accessories.


Your favourite product combinations? Team Niyro stacks deliver complete training solutions.

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Protein Whey Isolate, Egg & Micellar Casein 1 kg - 2 kg

Whey Isolate, Egg & Micellar Casein

starting at 41.95 € *
In stock

Weight Gainer Whey Isolate, Egg & Micellar Casein 2.5 kg

Professional athlete weight gainer

starting at 47.95 € *
In stock

Energy Pre-Workout 300 g

Explosive Pre-Workout System

starting at 36.95 € *
In stock

Amino Post-Workout 300 g

Ultimate Post-Workout Complex

starting at 35.95 € *
In stock

Vitality Vitamin, Mineral 30 tabs, Superfood 60 caps & Omega 30 caps

Pro multi-vitamin & mineral pack with energy

32.95 € *
In stock

Fat Burner 100 caps

Concentrated Cutting Formula

39.95 € *
In stock

Testosterone Booster 100 caps

Androgenic Testosterone Booster

38.95 € *
In stock
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