Sol Stein's Master Class for Writers

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This DVD brings to your TV or computer screen the award-winning teacher and editor of some of the great writers of the 20th century, Sol Stein, providing a live audience of fiction and nonfiction writers with an entertaining equivalent of an MFA in a single hour. Here is what you will have access to time and again, whenever reminders are needed:

  • Essentials for getting your work published, fiction or nonfiction.
  • How to turn on your book’s engine.
  • Suspense simplified and how to speed up the pace of your story
  • Successful–and memorable–characterization
  • The advantage of closed locations in fiction and film
  • The key to marvelous dialogue and how you can do it
  • Clues to how a rejected novel was made into a #1 NY Times bestseller record holder
  • How to create credible tension
  • The time-saving techniques for revising effectively
  • Achieving the mind-set of a professional writer
  • Craft tips for making readers laugh
  • Successful titles and what they are made of
  • The passports to publication

    And much else.

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