The Emotional Plague

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Charles Konia, M.D.

In this far-reaching, extensively researched, scholarly work, psychiatrist Charles Konia, M.D. makes the first comprehensive exploration and development of the concepts first published in Reich’s 1933 The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

Dr. Konia’s groundbreaking, highly original book examines and explores from a unique, non-psychological perspective the pathology in human nature that has not only given us the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein, but also explains how brutalizing despicable acts have been perpetrated upon children and adults over the centuries right through to the present. Everyday examples of emotional plague behavior include not only obvious torture, murder and social mayhem, but also the father who humiliates his happy, hardworking son, the so-called “friend” who spreads vicious gossip, the teacher who constantly “puts down” students, the small-minded who engage in acts of discrimination.

This book will open your eyes to why every “great” social program failed in its original mission; why America is increasingly hated throughout the world; why the resolution of every important social problem becomes hopelessly mired in a conflict between the political left and right; why a handful of despotic leaders have been able to enslave millions of people; and why standards of decency and excellence continue to decline.

Made accessible through examples of social case studies, Dr. Konia’s book shows ways to contain this pestilence and explores ways to undercut and diminish this hidden-in-plain-sight, pervasive and increasingly destructive force in human society.

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