Clueless: The Great Human Disconnect (Paperback)

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Paperback - Clueless: The Great Human Disconnect
Charles Konia, M.D.
Author of The 
Emotional Plague and Neither Left Nor Right.

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In Clueless: The Great Human Disconnect, Charles Konia, M.D., a biopsychiatrist, defines “clueless” as a state of being “out of it,” an individual’s chronic lack or deficiency of emotional and sensory bioenergetic contact with his or her inner and outer worlds.

People are rendered out of touch with themselves, others, and events, significant and otherwise, going on around them. Based on an unrecognized biologically based perceptual disturbance, this interferes with seeing and thinking clearly about the vital functions that determine their life. Clueless describes symptoms and extensively catalogues adverse consequences of this state both for the individual and society,

“human pollution of human social life,” as well as its destructive history throughout human existence—specifically, as an obstacle to solving humanity’s social problems. Looking to and relying on politics to solve these profound social problems is a prime example of being clueless.

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