Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy

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Ola Raknes

In Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy, Ola Raknes presents important aspects of the life and work of Wilhelm Reich and describes how Reich discovered orgone energy.

Raknes, a close friend of Reich, has written his book in three parts. The first deals with Reich's logical, step-by-step development of ideas, based on his clinical experience and scientific experimentation. In the second part he presents basic facts about orgonomy, the science of orgone energy, and how natural science and human functioning can be understood from an energetic point of view. The third part is concerned with the orgonomic concept of health and its social consequences.

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy is for anyone fascinated by nature, from the general public to physicians and psychiatrists to other scientific and mental health professionals. "This book deserves to be widely read. Simply written, easily understood, it stands as an ideal introduction to the extensive writings of Wilhelm Reich." (from the foreword by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D., founder of the American College of Orgonomy.)

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