53 Relay Fuel & Misc OE

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53 Relay Fuel & Misc OE

The most common relay used on the 928. On the 32v cars 85 to 95 the 53B relay covers the Fuel Pump, LH-Jetronic Fuel Injection & EZK Ignition System. Highly recomended to change these three important relays if they are old.

The Horn relay is also a 53B relay and is useful as a test relay. Remove the Horn relay and insert another 53B relay and if the horn "Honks" you know the relay is good.

Always carry some spare 53B relays in your glove box with a relay jumper - in many cases this will get you home.

The "Fuse Test" relay is also a 53B with the fuse test function and can be replaced with a 53B if needed.