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Elation's DMXOPERATORPRO is a hybrid lighting console that addresses the need for multichannel intelligent fixture control and simple par can dimming control in one board without compromising the functionality of either application.
The left side of the board is an 8 fixture intelligent lighting controller with 16 DMX channels available per fixture, while the right side of the board is an 8 channel DMX dimmer pack controller complete with its own scenes, chases, and master dimmer.

2 Controllers in One:
Intelligent and Dimmer ON/OFF
. 136 total DMX Channels:
128 channels for Intelligent & 8 Channels for Par Cans
Intelligent (128 channels):
. 8 individual fixtures each with 16 DMX channels
. 96 programmable scenes
. 8 programmable chases with fade and speed control
DIMMER / ON/OFF (8 channels):
. 8 individual channels
. 96 programmable scenes
. 6 programmable chases with fade and speed control
. Back-up memory using a 32 MB Compact Flash Card
. Fog Machine trigger button
. DMX Patching
. Tap Sync
. Fixture Group function
. Step/Mix Sequence function: automatically sequences your chases

User Manual

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